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What is HOP!Locker?
FAQ – HOP!Locker Service

What is HOP!Locker?

HOP!Locker provides a unique delivery experience which you can get the parcel 24 hours at convenient locations.

How Much is the Delivery Charge?

There will be an extra charge $50 when you selected HOP!Locker as the delivery method on Yes Master!

Please visit Yes Master! What’s New page to find out our promotions from time to time.

Does HOP!Locker eligible for all products?

As there are limited space of HOP!Locker so it does not apply for all products, please refer to the “Delivery Method” of each product shown.

If there are more than 1 item selected to use HOP!Locker as delivery method, only 1 HOP!Locker location will be available for the selection of the entire order.

If HOP!Locker service is not available for delivery after your order is being confirmed, our customer service will contact you by phone or email to change the delivery. Yes Master! reserves the right of final decision.

Delivery Schedule?

In general cases, 3-5 working days are required for delivery arrangement. You will receive a SMS with the password of HOP!Locker which designated to you. Please pick up the parcel within 48 hours (2 days).

If the parcel is not being picked up after 48 hours (2 days), HOP!Locker will return the parcel back to Yes Master! and the extra charges will be burdened by the you.