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[Direct from Japan] deleMO Hair Removal Spray 100ml
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deleMO Hair Removal Spray 100ml
Top selling shaving in Rakuten Global Market
Volume: 100ml

Get Smooth Skin ! Just 5 mins wait ! 

Easy x Safe x Speedy

Main Ingredients
-Thioglycolic Acid: Combined with a special technology liquid crystal method to effectively dissolve hair proteins
- Chamomile Extract: Inhibit melanin synthesis and has a whitening effect
- Aloe Vera Extract: Promote skin regeneration, remove hair while repairing skin, moisturizing and soothing skin
- Hydrolyzed Collagen: Helps moisturize, soften skin with moisturizing effect

We don’yt go to te beauty salon and clinic, because we use deleMO!
- Fast removal hair spray
- NO damage to the skin
- The way to remove hairs without damaging your skin

Moisturing beauty removal hair. It’s a fast removal spray!!

Why choose deleMO?!
-The More you use, the more beautuful your skin become. It contains multiple nutrients to moisturize your skin.
- Spray makes easy to use, it is easy to use and fast removal hair. You can put it on part of removal uniformly and use everywhere.
- Remove your unwanted hair completely, our original removal hair method reduces your unwanted hair.

Reduce any taugh hair as good as hairs like laser treatment in 5 minutes!

How to Use

1. Keep the skin of the part to use clean. 
2. Hair sprays quantity of the covered degree uniformly. 
3. After having ignored degree for 5-10 minutes, I save it to a direction and the reverse that the hair grows and remove it in tree of same root seawifes and wipe off skin with a wet tissue and towel kindly.
4. Please wash it away with water or tepid water kindly afterwards. 

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