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Caster Starter Kit
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Pro Gamer Starter Kit

Course price: HKD80/hr

What you'll learn: 
- Normal routine/ rundown for a caster (5min)
- Demonstrations by experienced casters (15min)
- Interesting and boring topics for a caster to say (10min)
- Ways to handle unexpected incidents during tournaments (10min)
- What do casters have to be aware of (10min)
- What to be aware of being a freelance caster (10min)

• Have passion and insights for game casting

Teachers of the course: 
Sir Cloud- a gaming hype caster, streamer and part of the Game Couch community. He enjoys being highly engaged with audiences on stream. He owns a Malaysian Dota 2 team called Petala Langit since Jan 2020. It is said to be one of the top Malaysian Dota 2 teams to look out for, the goal is to bring the name of the Malaysian Dota scene up to the international level.

Vision - another streamer/ caster of Yesports, from Philippines! He is experienced in commentating PUBG Mobile for various events. Vision has high ambitions and together we hope to take career to the next level!

Mote - Streamer and Professional caster and a gaming video creator. He will take you into PUBG mobile fun and many other games.

Who this course is for:
➢ Aspiring casters and shoutcasters
➢ Anyone who is trying to enter the esports industry and host game tournaments

Course Content: 
1. Basics you need to know to be a caster/shoutcaster.
2. Common mistakes casters make
3. How to be a great caster/shoutcaster
4. How to handle sudden situations
5. The regular rundown for a caster
6. Conclusion

This course includes: 
- Exclusive opportunity for hosting gaming tournament for YEAH
- Certificate of completion

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